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At Paduletta di Ramone the works are started

Ricavatura dello stagno 1

On August 29, 2018 work began in Paduletta di Ramone, actions C.3, C4, C6, C.7

The interventions are specified in: Action C.3 (realization of anti-ungulate fences to protect the spider nuclei present, mechanized cut of Amorpha fruticosa), Action C.4 (manual trimming and mechanized cutting of Amorpha fruticosa inside the poplar areas), Action C.6 (land leveling to restore the water table in various areas, construction of a small spillway on the right bank of the Bagnolo stream, cutting of the herbaceous and invasive shrubby weed vegetation, some excavation and earthmoving operations to restore the level of the water table and increase the areas of permanence of water in the wet seasons to be carried out in the areas “Vallataccia” and “Il Pratone”), Action C.7 (restoration of small ponds and subsequent construction of anti-ungulate fences)

(photo: Action C.7 a small pond with anti-ungulate fence)