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  • lavori lago di Sibolla_ridotta per eventi
    Activites began on Lake Sibolla il 17 Sep 2018,
    17 September 2018: work began on Lake Sibolla. ACTION C.3 Control of alien and weed plant species and restoration actions of mosaics of marsh habitats 3 ° (Control of alien and weed plant species and restoration of mosaics of marsh habitats – the action consists in containing the plant formations of Amorpha fruticosa, a highly...

  • Ricavatura dello stagno_timeline
    Start of activites in Paduletta di Ramone – Actions C.3, C.4, C.6, C.7 il 29 Aug 2018,
    Started in August 29th the activities in Paduletta di Ramone, actions C.3, C4, C6, C.7 The interventions are specified in: Action C.3 (act of anti-ungulate fencing to prospect the spider present; mechanized cutting of Amorpha Fruticosa), Action C.4 (manual trimming and mechanized cutting of Amorpha Fruticosa inside the poplar trees), Action C.8 (leveling the land...

  • Cattura delle nutrie Paduletta di Ramone_timeline
    Started od the service of capture of coypu in Paduletta di Ramone il 20 Aug 2018 11:30:am,
    On 20 August, the capture service for the coypu in the Paduletta of ​​Ramone area began. The main objective of this intervention is the numerical control of the coypu, which aims to recreate the most “natural” ecological conditions and which will also improve the general conditions of the hydraulic network and hydraulic works (embankment, calle,...