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Meeting of technicians on the progress of project activities

On September 13, 2018, at 9.30 am, the LIFE + Nat It 00094 project working group was held at the Ponte Buggianese site “Control of invasive alien species to restore threatened habitats inland wetlands of northern Tuscany”.

Present: Eng. Sandro Borsacchi, Eng. Caterina Turchi, Eng. Mattia Bonfanti, Eng. Jr. Cristiano Nardini, Geom. Francesco Andreotti, Dr. Riccardo Ferri.

At the opening of the meeting, Ing. Bonfanti shares with the colleagues the problems found in the assignment of the service for the disposal of the nutria in the area of ​​Sibolla, consisting essentially in the fact that the Association identified for its performance, despite numerous requests, did not submit the required documents. In this regard, it is decided to insist on soliciting the Association, considering that, considering also the limited timing, the alternatives (use of regional personnel and / adequately trained internal staff) do not appear passable. The control work of Amorpha fruticosa in the Sibolla area, however, can be entrusted because all the verifications of the company identified for assignment, have just ended with a positive outcome.

Regarding the theme of the phytodepurator on the Sibolla (action C.8), also considering what was written by the Commission (the action was removed from the project but, given the close interconnection with the other actions, the Consorzio must be an active part for the reactivation of the plant), Ing. Borsacchi invites Ing. Turchi and Ing. Nardini to prepare a special note in which the Province of Lucca is urged to open a table with the Consortium to verify whether it is possible to arrive at a positive conclusion of the affair.

Continuing with the discussion of the points of the Commission’s letter, Il Geom. Andreotti announces that he is taking care of the collection of monitoring data by asking them to the external professionals appointed at the time and who, with regard to action F.3 (Relations with other LIFE projects), the Geom. Andreotti points out that he has contacted the representatives of two LIFE projects similar to that of the Consortium, one underway in Emilia Romagna and the other at the Pianosa island for the elimination of alien species. In this regard, a possible calendar of visits is agreed at the institutions and on the places where these projects are being implemented for the next months of October and November, to be submitted to the referents.

The issues concerning the actions E.1 (communication) and F.1 (general management of the project) and the actions taken to update the data relative to the expenses incurred and those expected to be incurred by project deadline.