A jewel of technology

Located in the city section of the Rio di Fucecchio , the toll hydraulic Fucecchio is a little gem of technology and efficiency that secures the town from flooding of the Rio Corliano, the Rio Valdinebbia and the Rio Valpisana that collect rainwater from wide valleys upstream.

To overcome the frequent flooding also of low intensity that put in crisis throughout the area, in 2001-2002 was made an overflow partly dammed and partly without works while achieving a toll piston hydraulic automatic.

The work has a mechanism of simple operation but very well thought out, accompanied by sensors that in case of increase of the water level, they send a signal to close the floodgate thus allowing the water to flow into the overflow : in this way is preserved the downstream portion that will receive only an amount of water compatible with the scope of the rio.

The first warning signal and alarm later goes directly to the monitoring system and the consortium of technical phone available , thus avoiding inspections and delays or problems due to difficult weather conditions, and the gate is automatically activated. The images and event data collected from a camera mounted on the gate are visible in real time and in case of lack of electricity is present an electric generator dedicated and independent that works on diesel.

Such works quietly but very effectively guarantee the safety of the population, and today, gone over 10 years of operation, we can say that this plant, built rather quickly and with fairly low costs, could be the future in monitoring the retention of waters.

Certainly it is possible to make this type of monitoring in any situation, both for the flow characteristic of the stream, the shape of the land and the possibility of creating an overflow in the immediate vicinity, but this kind of ” mose ” of the Venetian lagoon in miniature still represents a real jewel of hydraulic application .

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